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There are many who are successful at affiliate marketing but there are just as many, if not more, that fail. There are number of reasons that this failure can take place. For right now, we're going to look at why failing to track your results for your affiliate marketing campaigns can cause you to fail.

Not tracking results is a big mistake that many new affiliate marketers make. They go about promoting the product that they are choosing to market, but failed to create a unique tracking affiliate link that's either provided to them by the affiliate, or that you need to create yourself. Why is this so important? Well, there are couple of reasons. First it is this unique identifier that insurers are you are paid your commission by the affiliate because it's what distinguishes you from another affiliate. 

The second reason is that without this unique tracking affiliate link you have no idea when you've made a sale, where the sale came from, the time and day of the sale, the amount of the sale, etc. - you have no conversion information available to you relating to this product, without the unique tracking link. This information allows you to know which pages are converting well, so that you make the right choice about which campaign to continue to run, which links to continue to use, which campaigns to drop or change, and even which pages to continue to promote on.

Amazon is one affiliate that makes creating a unique tracking ID very easy. You just log into your affiliate account at Amazon go to the dashboard, account settings, and at the top on the right you'll see manage tracking IDs, which you click. From there you can make a new tracking ID, which will allow you to track your affiliate campaigns so you know what has sold. Amazon help offers a great deal of information on how to make the most of Amazon tracking IDs.

All affiliates either assign a unique identifier or allow you to create your own unique identifier. Yes, earning a commission is great, but if you do not know where or how you earned that commission, you are unable to replicate that sale repeatedly. You want to be a successful marketer, and you want to grow your campaigns and your income stream, and tracking is a key component to the success. 

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