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  Use Sidebar Banner Ads on Your Blog For Your Affiliate Marketing  

Using sidebar banner ads on your blog or website are an excellent way to corporate your affiliate marketing providing you understand the importance of the type of ad and where displaced.

Using a 125 x 125 pixel banner ad in the sidebar can be a good way to create interest in your affiliates offer. How many of these banner ads you run will depend on the layout of your website or blog. Many of the most successful companies using affiliate marketing will place four of these ads on their website or blog in the sidebar and each ad will depict a different message and show a different graphic. For example, you might be the affiliate for engagement rings, so you put together four different graphic ads that each depicts a different graphic along with a different message. These ads are then placed your sidebar providing your visitor with a different message.

Make sure to take the time to experiment with this method and test over and over again, until you tweak which ads are bringing you the highest click through rate, and therefore creating the greatest income for you.

Occasionally, you can embed an affiliate link rate into your blog post. This works if you already talking about a specific niche that relates to your affiliate marketing product, and it fits into the conversation naturally. Then you can recommend this product based on personal experience with it. This can work in conjunction with your sidebar ads. Remember never over saturate your pages, because your visitor will get annoyed and leave never clicking through to your affiliate that is lost revenue for you. 

Don't write your blog posts with the idea that they will make money for you from your affiliate. People are way too smart for this and they see right through it. Make your posts interesting and gauging first, and make your affiliate link in your sidebar ad secondary. Always remember unless you're driving traffic to your site making commission from your affiliate link, it is just wasted space on your website or blog.

Some affiliate marketers disagree with the use of sidebar ads, but just as many have found success with this method. The key is to find what is right for your website or blog and what works for your traffic. Your visitors are what's most important here. Finding what keeps them happy means increased revenues for you.

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